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SoNet-08: Call for Participation 2

by Martin Frericks last modified 2008-09-15 14:37


International Workshop

September 19-21, 2008, Skalica, Slovakia

The University of Central Europe and its SoNet Research Center, Skalica, Slovakia (European Union), would like to invite you to a special International Workshop "Social Networks and Application Tools" devoted to practically oriented lectures about applications of modern informatics methods and software tools to the very actual and multidisciplinary area "Social Networks".



  • DATE and PLACE: September 19-21, 2008, Skalica, Slovakia (EU) (the University of Central Europe and its SoNet International Research Center). - REGISTRATION: or . - ACCOMMODATION: Via the registration form, the workshop organizers can book a hotel room. Skalica is a small town with a limited number of hotels, so the interested people should register very quickly and explicitly express their need to book a hotel room. Participants pay their own accommodation and traveling. - LANGUAGE: English.

*** IMPORTANT: no workshop fee for all registered participants.

*** INTERESTING: Skalica Days - an attractive Festival celebrating the town promotion among Free Royal Towns in 1372, by Lewis I, king of Hungary: , , .



  • Computer Technologies of IBM Urban and Regional Problems Medical Applications Data Mining Natural Language Processing



Social networks are structures made of individuals or organizations tied by specific types of interdependency. The real-world structures are usually very complex, containing hidden, inapparent information and knowledge waiting for being revealed.

The workshop will provide lectures, survey presentations, research results, and practical demonstrations of software tools by prominent scientific and research experts as well as Ph.D. students from various social areas and leading research and educational institutions. The lectures will be available in the workshop proceedings. Among our invited lecturers, there are experts from the Czech Republic, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

The workshop includes lectures and tutorials by leading developers from the IBM Dublin Center for Advanced Studies.

The workshop topics cover areas interesting for scientists, students, industrialists, businessmen, computer linguists, security-area specialists, environmentalists, culture workers, people solving urban and regional problems, health care experts, and all researchers and executives in the area of complex relations among various entities.



Please, send your questions to

Please, find the list of lecturers and their topics on the poster available at these URLs: ,

About Skalica, see, please: Skalica is located ca 80 km from Bratislava (Slovakia), 85 km from Brno (Czech Republic), 120 km from Vienna/Wien (Austria).