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PROLEARN Academy Newsletter 11-02-2008

Feb 11, 2008

Dear reader,

this is the release of the weekly PROLEARN Academy Newsletter. With this approach we wish to inform you respecting the news in PROLEARN Academy about which are the new added elements, which are the events organized for the next week and some information about the projects registered in PROLEARN Academy.

*** News

NetGeners.Net: The ne(x)t generation learner
Sent the: 2008-02-10

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*** New Call For Papers

Call-Art: Conference, Paper submission deadline: 2008-06-15
The Fifth International Conference on Soft Computing as Transdisciplinary Science and Technology (CSTST'08)

IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies (TLT) Special Issue for EC-TEL 2007
Call-Art: Publication, Paper submission deadline: 2008-03-15
We invite extended version of selected EC-TEL 2007 papers (invitation only) for the new IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies (TLT, see and

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*** PROLEARN Academy - Measure

Our auto observation tool for scientific communities contains at present 993 projects, of which 219 are newsfeeds, 91 newsletters, 338 web sites, 69 mailinglists and 276 blogs. The number of catched entries totals 40361 for the feeds, of which 0 were retrieved last week. For the newsletters totals 2896 entries, of which 21 were retrieved last week, for the mailinglists there are 70047 entries, of which 496 last week and for the blogs there are 3586 entries, of which 0 last week.

There is additional information about the projects in

We are continuously enlarging our project database.

*** Last week were added 2 new projects. These are the following:

1 Feeds
SIMPEL News Feed

  Category: Social Sciences, Economy, Law, State, Education; in English; none

1 Web Pages
The purpose of the European project SIMPEL is to identify and to promote effective e-learning solutions and models for Small and Medium Enterprises. On the basis of analyses and valorisation of existing successful projects in the European Union SIMPEL develops guidelines and puts forward examples of innovative best practice, in order to help improve the training situation in those companies, which form the backbone of the European economy, especially in terms of job creation.
  Category: Social Sciences, Economy, Law, State, Education; in English