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PROLEARN Academy Newsletter 29-10-2007

Oct 29, 2007

Dear reader,

this is the release of the weekly PROLEARN Academy Newsletter. With this approach we wish to inform you respecting the news in PROLEARN Academy about which are the new added elements, which are the events organized for the next week and some information about the projects registered in PROLEARN Academy.

*** News

Award for most successful eLearning-exporter 2007
Sent the: 2007-10-22

Sent the: 2007-10-26
The deadline for WMUTE 2008 has been extended, so you may take the chance to submit your contribution to this conference before November 3rd.

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*** New Call For Papers

Computational Intelligence for E-learning Systems, WCCI 2008
Call-Art: Conference, Paper submission deadline: 2007-12-31
Special session “Computational Intelligence for E-learning Systems” of 2008 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI 2008, ) to be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre during June 1-6 (Sunday – Friday).

TENCompetence Winter School 2008
Call-Art: Workshop, Paper submission deadline: 2007-11-30
The TENCompetence Winter School is considered as an intense training and collaboration on the core topics related to the TENCompetence project (, building the European Network for lifelong competence development.

Call for Papers: CMC2008 - 3rd International Conference on Concept Mapping
Call-Art: Conference, Paper submission deadline: 2008-03-28
Tallinn, Estonia & Helsinki, Finland, Sept. 22-25, 2008. CMC2008, the Third International Conference on Concept Mapping has as a purpose bringing together scholars and practitioners interested in the use of the concept mapping tool first developed at Cornell University in 1972. It is being organized by Tallinn University in Estonia, University of Helsinki in Finland, and the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition. If follows on the success of the First Conference held in Pamplona, Spain in 2004 and the Second Conference held in San Jose, Costa Rica in 2006.

Learning Forum Paris 2008
Call-Art: Conference, Paper submission deadline: 2007-11-30
The exhibition and conference will take place on Monday 4th February and Tuesday 5th February 2008 at the Palais des Congrès de Paris. This show is now the largest international and European eLearning event in France and attracts learning and human resources professionals from all over Europe and worldwide - over 30 countries were represented in 2007.

First International Workshop on Social Computing, Behavioral Modeling, and Prediction
Call-Art: Workshop, Paper submission deadline: 2007-11-05
This workshop is interdisciplinary and provides a platform for researchers, practitioners, and graduate students from sociology, behavioral science, computer science, psychology, cultural study, information systems, operations research to share, exchange, learn, and develop preliminary results, new concepts, ideas, principles, and methodologies, aiming to bridge the gaps between paradigms, ecourage interdisciplinary collaborations, advance and deepen our understanding of social and behavioral computing and evaluation in helping critical decision and policy making. The program will include invited speakers from government, industry, and academia, as well as research presentations and discussions.

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*** New job offers

PhD and Master Positions in Agent-Oriented Engineering and Social Computing

2 PhD Positions (2,5 years each), 2 Master Positions (1 year each)

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*** PROLEARN Academy - Measure

Our auto observation tool for scientific communities contains at present 906 projects, of which 218 are newsfeeds, 91 newsletters, 333 web sites, 69 mailinglists and 195 blogs. The number of catched entries totals 32678 for the feeds, of which 4240 were retrieved last week. For the newsletters totals 2498 entries, of which 37 were retrieved last week, for the mailinglists there are 63009 entries, of which 518 last week and for the blogs there are 3586 entries.

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We are continuously enlarging our project database.

*** Last week were added 1 new projects. These are the following:

1 Web Pages
IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia (ISM2007)
Due to its potential to make learning easier, more convenient, and more effective, education is one of the preeminent areas of applications for multimedia.
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