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PROLEARN Academy Newsletter 02-07-2007

Jul 02, 2007

Dear reader,

this is the release of the weekly PROLEARN Academy Newsletter. With this approach we wish to inform you respecting the news in PROLEARN Academy about which are the new added elements, which are the events organized for the next week and some information about the projects registered in PROLEARN Academy.

*** News

UESS'07: Deadline extension
Sent the: 2007-06-27
UESS'07: Extension of the deadline to 6th July 2007

W2ME'07 deadline extension
Sent the: 2007-06-27

Deadline extension: TEL-CoPs'07 workshop
Sent the: 2007-06-27
New deadline for submitting papers to the TEL-CoPs'07 workshop @ EC-TEL '07

Digital [email protected] - Extended deadline
Sent the: 2007-06-27
3rd International workshop on Digital Literacy - EC-TEL2007 - Extended deadline for extended abstracts 15th July

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*** New Call For Papers

ET&S (SSCI indexed) Special Issue
Call-Art: Publication, Paper submission deadline: 2007-08-01
Special Issue of "Context-Aware & Ubiquitous Learning" on Educational Technology & Society (SSCI indexed)

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*** PROLEARN Academy - Measure

Our auto observation tool for scientific communities contains at present 711 projects, of which 218 are newsfeeds, 91 newsletters, 333 web sites and 69 mailinglists. The number of catched entries totals 15872 for the feeds, of which 4409 were retrieved last week. For the newsletters totals 2011 entries, of which 25 were retrieved last week and for the mailinglists 54776 entries, of which 438 last week.

The feed project with the highest activity level last week was Feeds, with 455 entries, 55 more than the top-project of the week before - Feeds. The top mailinglist project last week was Certified_professionals, with 96 entries, 10 less than the top-project of the week before - LM_NET: Library media specialist information exchange.

There is additional information about the projects in

We are continuously enlarging our project database.

*** Last week were added 6 new projects. These are the following:

6 Web Pages
Learning with games 2007
The aim of â??Learning with Gamesâ? is to promote excellence in the research, production and deployment of Serious Games to support the learning of individuals within the academic, industrial and business environments. The conference covers a wide range of topics, categorized into game development, game design, content creation, mobile games, production, business, user studies, and deployment. The conference will create a multi-disciplinary forum where researchers, developers, artists, producers and industrial and academic users come together to share ideas, knowledge and experience. Moreover Learning with Games 2007 will be to showcase the new approach to the learning that can be achieved using games, making education and training fun and enjoyable. The conference invites leaders from industry, government, funding agencies and academia to join together to exchange ideas/views on the new learning and training tools. Moreover attendees will also able to concretely see the results of these new approaches and evaluate their impact.
  Category: N.A.; in English
IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia (ISM2007)
Due to its potential to make learning easier, more convenient, and more effective, education is one of the preeminent areas of applications for multimedia.
  Category: N.A.; in English
Third International Conference on Pedagogies and Learning 2007
The Third International Conference on Pedagogies and Learning will be held at The University of Southern Queensland Springfield Campus.
  Category: N.A.; in English
EC-TEL 2007
Second European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning - â??Creating new learning experiences on a global scaleâ?
  Category: N.A.; in English
PerU 2007
Mit dem rasanten Entwicklungsfortschritt hochmobiler Netzwerktechnologien und Geräte eröffnen sich neuartige Perspektiven für verschiedenste Anwendungsgebiete. Zukünftige Interaktionsformen werden neben klassischen Arbeitsplatzrechnern und Notebooks auch andere Infrastrukturen umfassen. In Verbindung mit dem durch proaktive, kontextorientierte Dienste erzielbaren Mehrwert tritt die Technik in den Hintergrund zurück und unterstützt zugleich den Nutzer auf vielfältige Weise durch mehr Komfort und Transparenz in seinen täglichen Handlungen. Pervasive Computing ist eine wichtige Schlüsseltechnologie, die Aus- und Weiterbildungseinrichtungen nicht nur im akademischen Umfeld optimieren und modernisieren wird. Eine Pervasive University stellt somit die konsequente Weiterentwicklung des Konzepts der Notebook University dar.
  Category: N.A.; in German
IFIP Working Group 3.4
Professional and Vocational Education in Information and Communications Technologies WG3.4. is focused on the area of professional and vocational education rather than on specific computing curricula in primary, secondary or tertiary educational institutions. The membership of WG3.4 comprises academics and IT practitioners whose interests are reflected in the conference activities organised by the Working Group over recent years. These include the use of computer-mediated education, the on-going professional education of both IT and non-IT professionals, the activities of national IT professional bodies, the delivery of effective IT vocational education to post-secondary students and the integration of IT into other tertiary curricula.
  Category: N.A.; in German