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Recordings of Flash Meeetings

Recordings of Flash Meeetings

Posted by prolearnacademyadmin at 2006-08-15 19:32
Posted by ralf at 2006-05-21 10:10

Dear all,

Recordings of our flashmeetings are available at

The weblinks that I presented + some Conzilla screenshots (= conceptual
models ) of the planned pre-activities on communicative modeling are
available at

Since Mark Melia just offered to book a Flashmeeting on Authoring, we
now have plans for student-led meetings on all proposed thematic clusters:

• Authoring (Mark Melia)
• Collaborative Learning (Anna-Kaarina Kairamo)
• Learning Repositories and Infrastructures for Learning (Mohammad Alrifai)
• Personalized Learning (Ekaterina Vasilyeva)
• Semantic Web, Metadata and Learning (Marco Kalz and Fredrik Enoksson)
• Usability (Mushtaha Abdalghani Najy)
• Workplace Learning (Oliver Bohl)

We will also have a meeting on a possible new cluster that was suggested
during today's meeting, namely:

• Web 2.0 / Social Software (Mathias Lux)

Of course, you will all be invited to attend all these meetings, since
the point is not only to discuss within each thematic cluster, but also
to cross-connect between them, and stimulate as much interactions
between you as possible before the week in Bled. The meetins will be
recorded so that the ones not attending can have a chance to take part
of what was discussed anyway.

It would be good if each student responsible for hosting a meeting could
create a link to the corresponding recording in her/his personal
confolio. Then I will collect these links and make them all available in
the Prolearn confolio. And I'm sure that Ralf and Amine will make them
available from the Academy website.

Best ...

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