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Preparation Materials online

Preparation Materials online

Posted by prolearnacademyadmin at 2006-08-15 19:31
Posted by ralf at 2006-05-21 10:06

Some preparation material for the communicative modeling process in Bled
is now online at

You can use the "PP-view" button to view the slides consecutively.
Moreover, since the Confolio system supports "opinion publication", you
can comment (or pose a question) on each separate slide ( if you are
logged in). In the folder containing the "source" you want to comment,
click "More" (beside it) and then click "Annotate". If you want, you can
give the comment a name, which makes it easier to keep track of it. The
comment is visible directly on its source (by clicking "More"), but it
is stored in your personal confolio. When you create a comment, it
always appears at the top level in your confolio, but I suggest that you
create a special folder called "Comments" and move it there (by cut &
paste) As the number of comments grows, you might want to create a
subfolder for each person whose material you are commenting and put the
corresponding comments there. Soon there will be more automated support
for "targeted storage" of comments, but presently you must do this manually.

When you have commented something, please send me a notification email,
and I will look at the comment and write a comment (= "answer) on it. In
this way I will get a better idea of what to focus on in my talk - and
our discussions - in Bled. I will also get a chance to locate additional
material of relevance for your comments.

Please don't hesitate to take this chance of personalizing my lecture
and deepen our level of interaction. This is the essence of "knowledge
pull" - as opposed to the traditional lecture-based "knowledge push".

Best regards

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