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Summer School 2013 @ Flickr


Pecha Kucha

by Zinayida Petrushyna last modified May 26, 2010 06:18 PM

Organizer Name

Maren Scheffel

Short Description

Pecha kucha session takes place on Monday afternoon

Here are the rules for the pecha kucha:
  • everybody has to provide FOUR slides
  • all presentations will be put together into one big presentation
  • every slide will be shown for 20 or 30 seconds
  • changes between slides are automated
  • there will be a slide with the name of the person to present next visible for five seconds (presentations will be ordered alphabetically by surname)
  • when it's your turn, walk up to the front and present
  • you will not be able to use your own computer for this. nor will you be able to change the slides by yourself

What shall the slides be about? Well, basically anything that helps the others to better get to know you and your work.
The slides can be about yourself, your bio, your hobbies/activities, your interests, your slogan for life, your motto, your research in a nutshell, your take-home message, ...
They can contain text and/or pictures but no videos and no animations (all interactive elements will be removed).

Please email your presentation of these four slides to Maren ( maren.scheffel et ) by 18:00CEST on Friday, May 28.

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