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Authors: H. M. Faridani, L. Moghadasi
Type: Journal Article
Available as: PDF  
Year: 2012
Appeared In: International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Technology, Volume 4 Issue 1, July 2012
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Structural responses in civil structures depend on various conditions. One of them which can effects on the structural behavior is the type of boundary conditions in structures. In this paper, a suspension footbridge with inclined hangers has been analyzed with two boundary conditions, once with a fixed support and another with a support relying on a soil material. Suspension footbridges can be prone structures in order to investigate soil effects on their structural responses because they consist of considerable flexibility and also geometrically nonlinear members such as main cables and hangers. In this paper, the footbridge has been modeled as two 2 dimensional finite element models with mentioned boundary conditions. These models have been analyzed statically under excessive pedestrian loads in the vertical direction and compared with respect to some structural responses. Finally a modal analysis has been carried out to compare two models. The analyses showed that the model with soil-structure interaction provides considerably different structural responses in comparison with the model without soil considering especially in the case of cable systems. Also the analysis showed that considering soil-structure interaction results changes in natural modes and decreases in frequencies of the footbridge.


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