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TENCompetence Training Approach

Authors: M. Kravcik, R. Koper, E. Kluijfhout
Type: Conference Paper
Year: 2007
Appeared In: Proceedings of EDEN conference 2007
Related To: PROLEARN

This paper presents a training approach for the TENCompetence future users, (prospective) associate partners and the consortium members. The TENCompetence infrastructure will support both the emergence and sustainability of learning networks as well as a more design-driven approach to competence development, and this will be reflected in the training activities. Our aim is to train not only people closely related to the project, but the focus will shift towards a) providing training to organizations and service providers who will run independent real-life demonstrator pilots, including all the technical tasks involved, and b) training associate partners to become service providers to sustain, through the future TENCompetence Foundation, the TENCompetence infrastructure.


Keywords: competence map

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