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PROLEARN Summer School 2005

The PROLEARN Summer School will bring together PhD students with experienced researchers from PROLEARN or from top international institutions in or across the scope.
  • PROLEARN Summer School 2005 Mailing list:
  • Lectures, talks, Flashmeeting replays, more Pictures and videos from the summer school are available at the Confolio system (e.g. The power dance: Munir, Selahattin and Ambjörn :-).
  • More Pictures from the summer school are available here. Pictures taken by: Onur Alexander Mathias Nikos Riina,Sebastian&Sandra;
  • Summer School slide show is available here
  • Summer School Pictures are available here
  • Pre-conference events
  • The Prolearn summer school will have some associated webcast media. We intend that some of this (eg. the intro pieces on Monday) will be live. Watch this space here.
  • Recording of the Flashmeeting session of Wednesday 31.08.05, 16:00 - 18:00 CET is available here.


September 5th – 9th, 2005


Işık University Şile Campus, Turkey (see the website)


The annual ProLearn Summer School is a key integrating activity for the ProLearn Network. Its overriding goal is to contribute to the creation of an institutional culture, bonding distributed researchers across Europe into one community. It provides a framework for structuring a number of on going research, training, and scientific leadership activities. Three types of activities are scheduled:

Research Conferences:

To provide an overview of the current state of the art in research being conducted within the jointly executed research activities:

  • Personalised and Adaptive Learning; Learning Object, Metadata and Standards; Brokerage Systems and Learning Management.
    Conference topics to be provided by ProLearn WPs.
  • Interactive Media; Online Experiments.
    Conference topics to be provided by ProLearn WPs.
  • Knowledge Work Management.
    Conference topics to be provided by ProLearn WPs.

Conferences provided by ProLearn PhD students and researchers.

ProLearn Entrepreneurship Programme:

To provide seminars given by venture capitalists, business angels, entrepreneurs, lawyers and lecturers in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning.

Conferences provided by: Members of industry, the ProLearn Virtual Competence Centre, the ProLearn Industrial Advisory Board.

Organisation of ProLearn training activities and scientific leadership initiatives:

  • To establish and consolidate the co-ordination of scholarships, exchanges, research apprenticeship programmes and student competitions for the ProLearn doctoral programme.
  • To orchestrate career planning and mentoring for the ProLearn Junior faculty programme.
  • To plan and co-ordinate for the ProLearn Entrepreneurship programme, in collaboration with the ProLearn Virtual Competence Centre
  • To design, plan, and evaluate the ProLearn Master’s in Technology Enhanced Learning.
  • To structure an online course in Technology Enhanced Learning.
  • To plan and edit the ProLearn Journal.
  • To identify the steering committee and programme for ProLearn conferences in Technology Enhanced Learning.


ProLearn WP Leaders and members and PhD students from associate partners.

Summer School Steering Committee:

ProLearn WP Leaders and members of the ProLearn Academy.

Summer School Organisation Committee:

Participating ProLearn institutions will take turns in organising the ProLearn Summer School. ProLearn will consider European coverage in selecting sites for the summer school.


Conferences will be distributed internationally via the ProLearn Academy Portal. Additionally, conferences will be recorded and made available as streamed videos via the ProLearn Academy Portal.