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ProLearn e-Learning Lecture Series: Nalin Sharda

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Prof. Nalin Sharda
Prof. Nalin Sharda, Ph.D. Victoria University

On Thursday, October 7th, in RWTH Aachen University, Prof. Nalin Sharda, Ph.D. Victoria University, Melbourne Australia has given a lecture on "Creating Mobile e-Learning Experience-on-Demand". This lecture has been also made available as a streamed video and will be published in PROLEARN TV.

Lecturer: Nalin Sharda gained B.Tec and PhD. degrees from IIT Delhi, in 1974 and 1984 respectively. Presently he teaches and leads research in Multimedia and Internet Communicationa at the School of Computer Science and Mathematics, Victoria University, Australia. He has presented invited seminars, lectures and tutorials in Austria, Australia, India, Japan, Sweden and USA.
Nalin´s publications include the textbook entitled Multimedia Information Networking, Pretence Hall, as well as over 60 handbook chapters and papers. More recently he has published on Networked Multimedia systems in the Handbook of Multimedia Computing, the Handbook of Internet Computing, the Communications of the AIS, IEEE & ACM journals, and numerous international Conferences.
Nalin regularly referees papers for international journals and conferences on multimedia and Internet technologies, and is the editor of teh Networked Multimedia area in the Informing Science Jounal, and the Internatinal Journal of Computers and Applications. For further details visit

Abstract: Mobile multimedia systems provide the opportunity for delivering experiences anytime and anywhere. The ability to deliver desired content when and where required will lead to Experience-on-Demand (EoD) paradigm.
EoD is a ‘killer application’ and Mobile e-Learning (Me-Learning) a major part of it. However, how to create efficacious Me-Learning content remains a challenging problem.
Movement Oriented Design (MOD) is a new paradigm – proposed by Nalin Sharda – for authoring multimedia content. MOD is under-pinned by the concept that all multimedia presentations are story-telling artifacts. MOD aims to bridge the semantic gap between a multimedia author’s thought process, and the programming meta-phors used in the current authoring systems.
This presentation will lay some theoretical foundations on how MOD can be used for creating effective Me-Learning content using story telling principles, such as: ‘Show, don’t tell’, ‘Sub-text is more po-tent than text’.

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